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William Wilberforce - A Biography

William Wilberforce's name will forever be associated with the abolition of slavery in the British Empire. Publishing to coincide with the bicentenary of the Anti-Slave Act in 2007, this lively biography includes primary documentation about the experience of slaves and slave traders.

Drawing on his experience as a journalist and a church historian, Stephen Tomkins' book traces Wilberforce's early years as the son of a wealthy merchant family in Hull and his dissolute life in Cambridge. Following his work as an MP under Pitt and his evangelical conversion, he became a campaigner for public morality and led the parliamentary movement for the abolition of slavery. The book covers the formation of the 'Clapham Sect' and the passing of the Anti-Slave trade act, up to Wilberforce's death just 3 days after the final reading of the Emancipation Bill.

The author: Stephen Tomkins has a PhD in Church History from the London School of Theology and is the author of several books on the history of Christianity.

Author:: Stephen Tomkins
ISBN:: 9780745952321
Publisher:: Lion Hudson
Format:: Paperback, 224 pages
Publication date:: January 2007
Price £8.99
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