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365 Days of Yes

365 Days of Yes is a resource for daily prayer for all who want to make mission part of their daily life of prayer and worship.

365 Days of Yes offers daily bible readings, prayers and texts from a wide variety of voices old and new around the theme of mission and mission spirituality.

As well as providing a daily link for members and supporters of CMS, it offers a rich resource for the wider church.

Its purpose is to deepen a sense of distinctiveness and identity throughout the Community, with members and supporters from different strands of CMS (mission partners, pioneers, Encounter participants, members, supporters etc) using the resource to pray for one another and grow together in discipleship for mission.

It seeks to enable a learning and equipping community in which every member grows in discipleship and discovers a global perspective to the Christian faith.

Author:: Church Mission Society
ISBN:: 9781848250604
Publisher:: Canterbury Press Norwich
Format:: Hardback. 386 pages
Publication date:: 2012
Price £14.99
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