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More Than Conquerers DVD

A Call to radical Discipleship

The More Than Conquerers DVD Series explores radical discipleship in the 21st century.

Travelling through some of the most dangerous conflict zones on earth, it takes faith out of the hypothetical and brings it within the context of the complex, the everyday and the impossible. Follow along and be challenged beyond contemporary Christianity to become 'more than a conquerer'.

The DVD includes:
- 13 stunning short films
- Individual videos perfect for church,youth, or outreach events
- Excellent teaching series for home and cell groups
- Additional discussion questions for each film
- Each video follows one chapter of Simon Guillebaud's book 'More than Conquerors'(previously titled 'For what its worth')

Shot on location in Burundi, Rwanda, D.R.Congo, Tanzania, Uganda, and the Sudan.

The More Than Conquerors Book and DVD go hand in hand or individually, and are both a call to radical discipleship.

Author:: Simon Guillebaud
ISBN:: 9781854249739
Format:: DVD Series
Price £12.99

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