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Turi Umwe (We Are One) CD

Founded in 1996 in the wake of the 1994 genocide of the Batutsi, REACH Organisation (REACH: Reconciliation, Evangelism And Christian Healing) is a nonprofit-making organisation created in response to God's calling for reconciliation and peace-building to facilitate the movement of peace and reconciliation in Rwanda and Africa's Great Lakes Region. This is effected, partly by forming associations to work together in social, economic, and cultural activities such as income generating activities, sports, tradional dance and choirs.

These groupings constitute quite influential focal points called Unity Groups that continue to inspire other members of the local community by providing powerful testimonies of unity and reconciliation. One of these groups is URUMURI RW' UBUMWE (The light of Unity) Choir of Kayonza whose members originate in different backgrounds and denominations. This Unity Group collaborated in the production of the present music CD in the Singing for Peace and Reconciliation Project - a REACH Rwanda initiative.

Turi Umwe (We are one) CD includes 10 songs in kinyarwanda and an insert with each songs lyrics translated into english.

1. Turi Umwe 5:52 (We are one)
2. Mana Tabara 4:12 (Help! Help! Oh Lord)
3. Senga Uhindure u Rwanda 2:37 (Pray and change Rwanda)
4. Ubumwe n' Ubwiyunge Niya Ntego Yacu 3:37 (Unity and reconciliation is our Goal)
5. Umuryango REACH 3:38 (REACH Organisation)
6. Ibuka Ibyo Imana Ikora 6:07 (Remember the Acts of God)
7. Reka Nshimire Uwiteka 5:20 (Let Me Thank the Almighty)
8. Turi Bamwe 3:17 (we are Brothers and Sisters)
9. Dufatane Urunana 3:52 (Let's get Hand in Hand)
10. Ndashimira Abayobozi 4:40 (I'm grateful to the Leaders)

Author:: Umuri Rw'ubumwe
Format:: CD
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